About My Garden Podcast

Penny is a compulsive gardener. One afternoon her husband Steve spotted her pottering about outside and decided to pop out with a microphone. We decided to make a podcast just for the love of gardening.

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Penny Haslam - host

Penny Haslam is a former BBC business journalist, who was a regular presenter on national television and radio - her credits include BBC Breakfast, News Channel, PanoramaRadio 4 and Radio 5Live. As well as coaching and training clients of Bit Famous, she is a professional motivational speaker on the topics of visibility and confidence. Penny is the author of the business book Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous.


Steve Blears - producer

Steve Blears is a former national news journalist, reporting for BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, Radio 5Live and Radio 4's Today. He is now a seasoned TV director and producer, with credits for prime time shows on Channel 4, BBC, UKTV and Sky.