My Garden Podcast - fruit and vegetables

Gardening podcast - Fruit and vegetables

Gardening podcast - Fruit and vegetables.  Among these episodes, tomatoes that won't grow, spud advice from my dad and an abundance of peas!

Just a quick heads up if you are new to My Garden Podcast, this is a have-a-go gardening zone for people who love getting outdoors but don't necessarily have all the answers, myself included!

Happy fruit & veg growing gardening.

Garden Podcast buddleia

On the veg patch

Season 2: Episode 21

Gardening podcast - Fruit and vegetables. In the garden this week Penny's harvesting an abundance of tasty vegetables. 

Strawberry shortcut 

Season 1: Episode 9

Gardening podcast, fruit & veg'. Penny braves a downpour to sort her strawberry situation, but is she too late in the season? 

Strawberries - The lady at the garden centre  

Season 2: Episode 11

Gardening podcast, fruit & veg'. Penny's determined to have yet another go at growing strawberries.

Garden Podcast flowers

The spuds triple bill - Chitty chitty spud spud

Season 2: Episode 1

Gardening podcast - Fruit and vegetables. Penny prepares to sow some seed potatoes by chitting them.


Season 2: Episode 5

Penny's potatoes go into the ground after a call to her dad for planting advice.


Season 2: Episode 18

Penny's spuds are ready!

Garden Podcast buddleia

Peas please

Season 1: Episode 12

Gardening podcasts, fruit & veg'. The first peas of the season spark childhood veg patch memories.

Garden Podcast fruit and vegetables

Tomato emergency

Season 1: Episode 3

Gardening podcasts, fruit & veg'. Peril in the potting shed. When Penny's seed grown tomatoes fail to deliver she calls in expert help from her mum, Delia.

Tears and tomatoes

Season 2: Episode 4

Gardening podcasts, fruit & veg'. After a failed crop of tomatoes last season, Penny decides to give them another go. She reflects on the anniversary of the lockdown in the UK and it prompts some unexpected emotions. This week's guest is gardener is Angi from Essex in the UK.

Wine and courgettes

Season 1: Episode 15

Gardening podcasts, fruit & veg'. Penny reflects on success and failure in the garden over a glass of wine.

Garden Podcast blueberry

Blueberry, it's complicated!

Season 1: Episode 8

Gardening podcasts, fruit & veg'. Penny's blueberry bush is like a bad boyfriend. She'd prefer a more fruitful relationship.

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