My Garden Podcast - Season 3

My Garden Podcast - Season four

My Garden Podcast - Season four. Summer is here and Penny's back in the garden for a 4th season of have-a-go gardening. This time, a cold snap has killed the prize palm tree, the pets have flees. Plus chaos at the garden centre with her mum Delia.  Season 4 from Friday 24th March 2023. 

My Garden Podcast - Season four trailer

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

The palm tree is RIP

Season 4: Episode 1 

Gardening Podcast. Penny returns with a brand new season of My Garden Podcast. Episode page: Gardening podcast palm tree: Episode page and transcript.

My Garden Podcast - Cut flowers

Cut flowers wannabe

Season 4: Episode 2 

Gardening Podcast. Penny has ambitions to have a cut flower garden this summer. She's trying to get some alone time in the greenhouse. Gardening podcast cut flowers: Episode page and transcript.

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

Is it a hosta?

Season 4: Episode 3 

Gardening Podcast. Gardening jobs stack up for Penny and there's more trouble at the garden centre. 

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

Troublesome flower bed

Season 4: Episode 4 

Gardening Podcast. A troublesome corner of the garden gets a colourful makeover and Penny reflects on a bout of anxiety.

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

BONUS! 30-Minute episode
from the archive

Spuds triple bill

Season 4: Bonus episode 

Gardening Podcast. This week a special extended 30-minute episode from the My Garden Podcast archive. Three episodes back-to-back covering all things potatoes from chitting to pulling up lovely spuds.

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

The lady at the charity shop

Season 4: Episode 5 

Gardening Podcast. Penny's planting onions with her new swanky spade (shovel). Plus, she'd love to make a new fashionable friend.

My Garden Podcast - Bluebells

Fern fun in the dingley dell

Season 4: Episode 6 

Gardening Podcast. Penny has a weed problem and finds a new home for a fern gift among the bluebells in her garden. 

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

When beds go bad

Season 4: Episode 7 

Gardening Podcast. It's third time lucky for a pampas grass plant that won't grow and there's bunny rabbit fun at Penny's local motoring interchange.

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

Anniversary snapdraggons

Season 4: Episode 8 

Gardening Podcast. Penny should be heading for a spa date to celebrate her wedding anniversary but she can't resist heading into the garden to plant some snapdraggon (antirrhinum) plugs.

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

Sunflower saga (Replay)

Season 4: Bonus

Gardening Podcast. This week an extended episode and replay of two of Penny's favorite episodes from season one.  She's grown a huge "show-winning" sunflower but has it been the victim of sabotage?

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

British garden bingo

Season 4: Episode 9

Gardening Podcast. Penny breathes new life into a once-struggling bed with a selection of waif and stray plants that she's nurtured back to life from around the garden.

My Garden Podcast - A gardening podcast

Groovy gardening

Season 4: Episode 10

Gardening Podcast. Penny has a beautiful new passion flower (Passiflora). But untangling the vine and getting it into pride of place is a challenge. 

My Garden Podcast - Gardening Podcast

Summer solstice

Season 4: Episode 11

Gardening Podcast. It's midsummer's evening and Penny is rescuing a sickly magnolia bush. My Garden Podcast -Season 4

Osmocote - Not slug eggs

Osmocote - Not slug eggs

I'm wrong. Again.

Season 4: Episode 12

Gardening Podcast. Have-a-go-gardener Hilde from the Netherlands gets in touch with some news that rocks Penny's gardening world!

Osmocote - Not slug eggs

Trip to the tip

Season 4: Episode 13

Gardening Podcast. Penny says goodbye to a weed-bound salvia and an impromptu trip to the recycling center delivers an unexpected stroke of luck.

My Greek Garden Podcast

My greek garden podcast 

Season 4: Episode 14

Gardening Podcast. Penny's on holiday in Kefalonia where gardens line Lourdas beach. She's spotted some thirsty sunflowers so decides to do some gorilla watering.