My Garden Podcast

My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Trailer

My Garden Podcast by Penny Haslam, the have-a-go gardener.  Join her for a whole summer of real gardening as she heads outdoors to explore, learn and grow. 

In season one she struggles with vegetables that won't grow, sunflowers that die and a misbehaving pet dog called Joey. 

Listen to more than 20 episodes of entertaining chat recorded outdoors at her home in Cheshire, England.

There aren't any latin names for plants in this show. If you are looking for professional advice and gardening tips, you are in the wrong place.

Gardening podcast nicotiana

New episode :
Abandon all hope and nicotiana - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 23
"Do you need professional gardening tips and advice?
You're in the wrong place!"

Season 1: More than 20 gardening podcast episodes

NEW! Wisteria hysteria - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 22

In this gardening podcast about wisteria, Penny's wisteria needs a trim, so she throws caution to the wind and climbs a ladder with a selection of sharp tools.

Joey, Leave it! - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 21

In this gardening podcast, have-a-go gardener Penny reflects on her place in the dog ownership pecking order. 

The bloomin' sunflower is dead - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 18

In this gardening podcast, Drama in Penny's garden as she returns from a weekend away to find a mystery sunflower fatality. (Contains some light swearing)

Strawberry shortcut - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 9

In this gardening podcast, Penny braves a downpour to sort her strawberry situation, but is she too late in the season?

Tomato emergency - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 3

In this gardening podcast, When Penny's seed grown tomatoes fail to deliver she calls in expert help from her mum.

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Gardening Podcast Fans

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Guest blog:
Garden Fail - The Deer Blocker

Western New York, USA
"Irritate your teenagers by serving home grown veg and then repeating mmm, fresh from the garden."

Featured episode:
Corona wildflower meadow of hope - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 11

 Penny checks on the wildflower project she planted to bring a little lockdown joy. Episode page and transcript.


About My Garden Podcast

Penny is a compulsive gardener. One afternoon her husband Steve spotted her pottering about outside and decided to pop out with a microphone. We decided to make a podcast just for the love of gardening.

Penny Haslam

Penny Haslam is a former BBC business journalist, who was a regular presenter on national television and radio - her credits include BBC Breakfast, News Channel, PanoramaRadio 4 and Radio 5Live. As well as coaching and training clients of Bit Famous, she is a professional motivational speaker on the topics of visibility and confidence. Penny is the author of the business book Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous.

Steve Blears

Steve Blears is a former national news journalist, reporting for BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, Radio 5Live and Radio 4's Today. He is now a seasoned TV director and producer, with credits for prime time shows on Channel 4, BBC, UKTV and Sky. He is the producer and editor of this podcast series plus our other podcast Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous.