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Gardening podcasts about flowers

Do you like gardening podcasts about flowers? Here are all the episodes I've made about garden flowers and there's more on the way.

Just a quick heads up if you are new to My Garden Podcast, this is a have-a-go gardening zone for people who love getting outdoors but don't necessarily have all the answers, myself included!

Happy flower gardening.

Garden Podcast buddleia

I heart geraniums 

Season 2: Episode 16

Gardening podcasts flowers. Penny gives her geraniums some love, they're her favourite bedding plant. 

Garden Podcast buddleia

Lovely cosmos

Season 2: Episode 12

Gardening podcasts flowers. Penny loves cosmos, so it's getting planted out again in a bed she's prepared with the no-dig technique. Cosmos episode page and transcript.

Garden Podcast nicotiana

Gardening podcasts about nicotiana

What's that plant? Isn't it impressive! 

Season 2: Episode 9

Gardening podcasts flowers. This week Penny is in the greenhouse potting on some nicotiana. The tobacco plant with trumpet-like flowers wowed neighbours last season.

Garden Podcast flowers

Abandon all hope and nicotiana

Season 1: Episode 23

Penny goes a bit zen over nicotiana success in season one.

Garden Podcast flowers

Delphinium design

Season 2: Episode 6

Gardening podcasts flowers. Penny has grand plans for an expanding garden bed and starts by planting out delphinium.

Gardening podcast wildflowers - The meadow of hope

Season 1: Episode 11

Gardening podcasts flowers. As the first UK lockdown got underway in 2020, Penny decided to start a wildflower project. In this episode she checks on its progress. 

Garden Podcast Flowers

Spencer the sweet pea

Season 1: Episode 14

Gardening podcasts flowers. A freebie from the plant nursery sparks a memory of unrequited love!

Garden Podcast buddleia

Gardening podcast about buddleia 

Season 1: Episode 20

In many parts of the world buddleia is seen as an invasive species, but they're great for attracting butterflies and insects to your garden.

Gardening podcast about roses - The greenfly gang

Season 1: Episode 10

In this gardening podcast a bit of deadheading roses inevitably turns into a much bigger job.

Gardening podcasts about sunflowers

Sunflowers with Joey

Season 1: Episode 6

Penny pots on some sunflower seedlings under the supervision of Joey the dog.

Garden Podcast flowers

The bloomin' sunflower is dead

Season 1: Episode 18

Drama in Penny's garden as she returns from a weekend away to find a mystery sunflower fatality. (Contains some light swearing)

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