My Garden Podcast - Season 1

My Garden Podcast - Season one

My Garden Podcast - Season one. Penny is a compulsive gardener, one afternoon her husband Steve spotted her pottering about outside and decided to switch on a microphone. That's how My Garden Podcast began, just for the love of gardening.

In season one, more than 25 episodes of real gardening recorded in Penny's garden at home in Cheshire, England. 

Penny shares her favorite gardening moments, from rescuing a struggling hydrangea to making space for a luscious japonica plant. Join her as she faces a tomato emergency, finds salvation for a sorry-looking salvia, and witnesses the resilience of her canna plant.

Joining Penny in the garden, her little helpers, Joey the springer spaniel and Casper the cat.

From sunflowers and strawberries, to wildflowers and peas, each episode packed with fun and light-hearted tales from Penny's green oasis.

Listen to the best of My Garden Podcast - Season one

Penny's favourite moments from season one.

My Garden Podcast Hydrangea

Rehydrated Hydrangea 

Season 1: Episode 1

My Garden Podcast season one. In this gardening podcast hydrangea, Penny rescues a struggling Hydrangea and gives it some love.

Gardening podcast  japonica

Juicy Japonica 

Season 1: Episode 2

My Garden Podcast season one. In this gardening podcast japonica, Penny makes space for a luscious Japonica which takes pride of place outside the kitchen window.

My Garden Podcast tomatoes

Tomato emergency 

Season 1: Episode 3

My Garden Podcast season one. In this gardening podcast tomatoes, peril in the potting shed. When Penny's seed grown tomatoes fail to deliver she calls in expert help from her mum.

Gardening podcast Salvia

Salvia salvation 

Season 1: Episode 4

In this gardening podcast salvia, a sorry looking Salvia finds new hope in the Jasper (the cat) memorial flower bed.

Gardening podcast Canna

Canna get a witness 

Season 1: Episode 5

In this gardening podcast canna, Penny's Canna plant springs back to life despite housing a resident snail. 

Garden podcast sunflowers

Sunflowers with Joey 

Season 1: Episode 6

In this gardening podcast sunflowers, Penny pots on some sunflower seedlings under the supervision of Joey the dog.

Gardening podcast cordyline

Cordyline corner 

Season 1: Episode 7

In this gardening podcast cordyline, Penny admits she's a bit of a plant snob. When presented with a cordyline as a gift, it's tucked away next to the rhubarb.

Gardening podcast blueberries

Blueberry, it's complicated! 

Season 1: Episode 8

In this gardening podcast blueberries, Penny's blueberry bush is like a bad boyfriend. She'd prefer a more fruitful relationship. 

Gardening podcast strawberries

Strawberry shortcut 

Season 1: Episode 9

In this gardening podcast strawberries, Penny braves a downpour to sort her strawberry situation, but is she too late in the season? 

Gardening podcast greenfly

The greenfly gang 

Season 1: Episode 10

In this gardening podcast greenfly, A bit of deadheading roses inevitably turns into a much bigger job.

Gardening podcast wildflowers

Corona wildflower meadow of hope 

Season 1: Episode 11

In this gardening podcast wildflowers, Penny checks on the wildflower project she planted to bring a little lockdown joy.

Gardening podcast peas

Peas please 

Season 1: Episode 12

In this gardening podcast peas, the first peas of the season spark childhood veg patch memories.

Gardening podcast cats

Jasper memorial bed 

Season 1: Episode 13

In this gardening podcast cats, the bed planted above Penny's dead cat is in full bloom.

Gardening podcast sweet peas

Spencer the sweet pea 

Season 1: Episode 14

In this gardening podcast sweet peas, a freebie from the plant nursery sparks a memory of unrequited love!

Gardening podcast courgettes

Wine and courgettes 

Season 1: Episode 15

In this gardening podcast courgettes, Penny reflects on success and failure in the garden over a glass of wine.

Gardening podcast shed

Shed shifter 

Season 1: Episode 16

In this gardening podcast shed, Penny's pulled something moving the shed.

Gardening podcast greenhouse

Bung it in the greenhouse 

Season 1: Episode 17

In this gardening podcast shed, Penny's new greenhouse gets its first inmate.

Gardening podcast sunflowers

The bloomin' sunflower is dead 

Season 1: Episode 18

In this gardening podcast sunflowers, high drama in Penny's garden as she returns from a weekend away to find a mystery sunflower fatality.

Gardening podcast ornamental grasses

A good stiff brush 

Season 1: Episode 19

In this gardening podcast ornamental grasses, the time has come for Penny to hack back her ornamental grasses.

Gardening podcast ornamental grasses

Vote buddleia 

Season 1: Episode 20

In this gardening podcast buddleia, Penny sets the world to rights while planting a buddleia. How to attract bees and butterflies to your garden

Gardening podcast ornamental grasses

My Garden Podcast No.1 - All time most listened to episode

Joey, leave it! 

Season 1: Episode 21

In this gardening podcast dogs - Joey, leave it! Penny refects on a chance meeting with a dog trainer. It's forced her to reconsider her place in the pecking order of dog ownership.


Wisteria hysteria 

Season 1: Episode 22

In this gardening podcast wisteria, Penny's wisteria needs a trim, so she throws caution to the wind and climbs a ladder with a selection of sharp tools.

Gardening podcast nicotiana

Abandon all hope and nicotiana 

Season 1: Episode 23

In this gardening podcast nicotiana, Penny goes a bit zen over nicotiana success.

Gardening podcast season finale

Season finale 

Season 1: Episode 24

In this gardening podcast season finale, Penny tucks away her canna plants in preparation for the winter and reflects on a summer in the garden. My Garden Podcast - Season Two, will return in the new year 2021.