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The bloomin’ sunflower is dead

Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast - Season 1

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 Gardening Podcast Sunflower

The bloomin' sunflower is dead - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 18

Gardening podcast sunflower - The bloomin' sunflower is dead. In this garden podcast, drama in Penny's garden as she returns from a weekend away to find a mystery sunflower fatality. (Contains some light swearing)


Gardening Podcast Sunflowers - Transcript

I came into the garden after a weekend away. Just a weekend in a county a couple of counties up in Cumbria. I got back after four nights away, sprang into the garden. Look isn't it lovely! Oh, the bl**dy sunflower's died. That's the bad news. Nothing more dramatic, sorry I was building my part of a little bit. 

But yeah, I sprang into the garden, brilliant lovely day. What's happened to the two metre high sunflower, a seven or eight feet tall sunflower. Let me show you what I mean. I'm going to bring my red wine with us. I don't think that's a problem, it's a sunday night, I made a roast dinner. I've been a hard working girl all day, I'm gonna have a little a little sip.

This sunflower was glorious, absolutely glorious

Yes, So this beautiful sunflower is just....  Was when I left it, glorious, absolutely glorious. It had a big, going to be big dinner plate head on it. And honestly I'm 5 ft two and it stands I'd say getting on for 8 ft.  Which is flipping impressive I have to say it's like a show sunflower. I got to it a few days ago and it's wilted. Nothing is wrong with it It's still strong in the ground. It's not been blown over and we did have a few gales over the time I was away.

But the leaves have wilted, they've all gone brown. It's like its water supply suddenly was cut off and it just gave up the ghost. Oh my gosh, I was gutted. I must admit I was feeling a bit down anyway. A bit hormonal and it just hit me over the edge. It's like oh my god it's died. This bl**dy thing's died and I'm really sad about it.

So, I obviously jumped to the conclusion that it was sabotage from a from a sunflower competitor. In my fantasy head about entering it into a show! Some competitors had come and like damaged it while we're away. That was ridiculous isn't it....

Advice on how to care for sunflowers.


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