How to improve shop-bought compost

How to improve shop-bought compost

Penny Haslam Guest Blog

There is no question that homemade compost is always the better option if you have the choice. For many gardeners the time, space and resources needed to create compost is a luxury and not always possible. For most, cheap shop-bought …

Gardening Podcast Cosmos

Gardening podcast cosmos

Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast – Season 2

Gardening podcast cosmos – Lovely cosmos. Penny loves cosmos, so it’s getting planted out again in a bed she’s prepared with the no-dig technique. So I’ve trundled down the garden with my wheelbarrow. It’s got some compost in and the …

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My Garden Podcast is now on Alexa

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My Garden Podcast is now on Alexa. You’ll need to enable the skill on the Amazon website here: Once you’ve done that just ask your Alexa “What’s my flash briefing?” or “What’s in the news?” Selected episodes are updated …