Red Hot Poker

Gardening Podcast Red Hot Poker

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Gardening podcast red hot pokerSeason 3: Episode 1 Gardening podcast red hot poker. Penny kicks off season three with some supermarket red hot poker bulbs but the packet says they may not flower for a year!Gardening podcast red hot poker – …

Gardening Podcast

Gardening Podcast Cut Flowers

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Gardening podcast cut flowersSeason 4: Episode 2 Gardening podcast cut flowers. Penny has ambitions to have a cut flower garden this summer. She’s trying to get some alone time in the greenhouse.Gardening podcast cut flowers – TranscriptI am planting some seeds …


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Send me a voicemailWhat’s happening in your garden? Just hit the button below to record a quick message. I’ll use as many as I can in the podcast. You can record up to 90 seconds.Record a voicemail for PennyUnsure what …