5 gardening podcast episodes you need to hear

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5 gardening podcast episodes you need to hear

Here's a list of 5 of my gardening podcast episodes that I'm sure haven't heard yet. There are more than 50 epsiodes so far, this is a selection of the hidden gems.

5 gardening podcast episodes you need to hear

Jasper memorial bed

Season 1: Episode 13

This is a jolly episode about a flower bed in full bloom! Jasper was my pet cat (survived by his brother Casper). We planted him in the ground when he died and built a flower bed on top of him. 

Gardening podcasts your must listen to

Spencer the sweet pea

Season 1: Episode 14

I find gardening brings back all sorts of childhood memories. In this epsiode a freebie sweet pea plant sparks a memory of unrequited love! 

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Gardening podcasts to listen to

Bung it in the greenhouse

Season 1: Episode 17 

In this gardeing podcast episode I've got a brand new greenhouse, my strawberries are struggling so I decide to bung 'em inside.

Best of My Garden Podcast - No.4 Most listened to gardening podcast episode

Wine and courgettes

Season 1: Episode 15 

Some recreational wine on a saturday night with fun chit-chat about progress in the garden.

5 gardening podcast episodes you need to hear

A good stiff brush

Season 1: Episode 19

Do you have a good stiff gardening brush? Get one!