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Salvia salvation

Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast - Season 1

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Gardening podcast Salvia

Salvia salvation - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 4

Gardening podcast salvia - Salvia salvation. In this gardening podcast, a sorry looking Salvia finds new hope in the Jasper (the cat) memorial flower bed.


Salvia salvation - My Garden Podcast transcript

All right. It's time to pack up from this area of the garden. Put everything in the wheelbarrow, move away from that little area of the project to the next.

So I have just taken a Salvia out of the bed, which was getting a bit leggy in a bit, woody.

Bit disappointing, frankly, and a bit well, I just got bored of it.

So I need a change around. So I'm going to take it with its huge root ball. I'm gonna put it in a new bed which is called the Jasper Memorial Bed. Jasper was our beautiful cat. Massive animal. I mean, he ate like nothing. He died in November unfortunately. I found him and I can't speak about it.

We found him underneath my desk, stiff as a board, anyway. Jasper went in the ground. Bless him.
And because it was a bit of a boring bit a grass, I thought, let's put some nice jazzy flowers on top. We used to call him is Jazzy. Actually, it's turning into a bit of a testbed. It's an absolutely brilliant spot. It's really sunny really bright, really well sheltered, so it should do really well, but at the moment, because I'm quite new to this kind of gardening with beds filling them. How do you feel them? How'd you structure them? How you make them architecturally interesting? Colourful, seasonally appropriate.

How'd you make sure that not everything flowers all in one go? All of that is quite a conundrum really for a new gardener is quite difficult to get your head around all of that.

So, it's basically a case of have-a-go Haslam. Shove it in the ground, see if you like it there. Move it if you don't.

So, this salvia is gonna have a little bit of a test in the garden in that bed with Jasper, bless him.

Oh, my God, that's heavy. Right, come on.

Salvias are great because they fill, quite quickly, any area with the most beautiful flowers.

And I couldn't work out when their flowering season is because they seem to do it at random, like in November. They can suddenly sprout lots of red and white little petals and smell beautiful all over again.

So, I'll measure up the root ball, just going to have a look at it, I could probably, you know, gently
drag my fingers through the root ball just to get off the excess soil to make it a little bit more manageable.

And we split it a few months ago and the other side of it, its brother or twin, if you like from the other half of it, he's actually doing really well in this bed. So, this is gonna go on the other end of the bed. I do like a bit of echoing of a theme, but let's just get this. Oh, gosh, let's get the extra off it so it's a bit more manageable.

I want a nice ball as opposed to this square-shape that I've got at the moment. I couldn't dig it out very neatly.

And what are all these grown? Is that part of the plant or is that, I don't know what that is? I think that's weed. What are you weed? Oh, I don't know. The thing is, I just don't know. Does it matter? That is an uncomfortable thing for me, not knowing stuff. Uh, friends and family will tell you that is the case. I do like to know what I'm doing and when, but with all of this you just don't know sometimes it's a lesson in chilling the hell out.

No, it's not a weed. It's part of the plant. Okay, so just pretend I didn't do all that. And actually, this is a really good opportunity to get right into the base of the plant where it hits the soil...

Caring for Salvias, some golden rules.

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