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Shed shifter

Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast - Season 1

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Gardening podcast sheds

Shed shifter - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 16

Gardening podcast sheds - Shed shifter. In this gardening podcast Penny's pulled a muscle moving the garden shed.


Shed shifter - My Garden Podcast transcript

It's a cool summer's evening and already the sun's really started to go down earlier time. So I was straight out after dinner, making the most of it. I've not really done nothing all day, so I feel a bit clogged, you know like I need to move and breathe fresh air for a little while.

So, despite a slightly middle-aged pulled muscle in my back, I'm ploughing on because I've got all of the gold that I brought back from the nurseries the other weekend to put into the new bed.

I've just been reading the labels on things to get them in the right place and give them enough space to grow because, in the excitement of new plants, you want to stuff them all in.

Yesterday, a couple of friends came over just for a cup of tea in the afternoon. We were a bit cheeky because we knew they were coming over.

They are quite fit people, so we asked them if they'd help us move our shed, our purple shed.

So, my husband screwed some batons on, to make it into a sedan chair.

So the four of us in each corner could lift the shed, which actually is really heavy.

We took the roof off to try and lighten the load and I thought I did all the right things, bending at the knees, you know, breathing, engaging my core muscles.

But I woke up this morning with a sore back just on the right-hand side. You know, where your bra goes! It's not very comfortable, to be honest. So I've been pushing through with a bit of ice pack and yeah, I shouldn't really be doing this, but, I've been thinking about this for two weeks since we got these plants.

So anyway, I'm reading the labels and getting some compost out into a crock-potted pot. It's to protect the agapanthus which I've just read isn't hardy, which I'm assuming means I need to bring it in in November and stick it somewhere slightly warm.

But obviously, I'll have to phone my mum about that. So for the meantime, I need to put it into something a bit bigger, and I can position it then. But I'm erring on the side of caution which is unlike me.

So let's do that and then we've got some exciting things to do, right!

A little bit left in the bag, I'm not using any perlite. What will Delia say? That's my mom. Mom, what would you say about that? Oh, risking it! So, agapanthus are decorative, very tall long thin stems with absolutely no growth off them. And you get to the very top of the stem and there's an explosion pom-pom ball of purple and lilac on this particular one. They're very pretty, very dramatic and structurally quite tall. You can put other bedding plants in front of them.

Oh my god, roots! Blimey, like a whole bag of spaghetti. Right, I wonder if it might need a bigger pot. But that's for another day, isn't it? You know, there's only so much you can do!

Casper, Oh hello. Do you like agapanthus Casper? Can I eat it? So that's going in this new bed. So exciting having a new bed, because you don't have to clear out the old stuff before you replant. Like a blank canvas. This bed is cut out of a lawn to divide the garden up. In the top third of the garden, we are going full greenhouse complex, this is totally new. Before it was a blank canvas, like a football pitch. So over the weekend, we laid the greenhouse foundations.

I say we, I didn't touch it. My other half Steve laid the foundations alongside two teenagers, three teenagers helping him mix cement. So I got a strong foundation for the greenhouse. We're gonna have three veg boxes and the purple shed which got moved with the help of Elaine and Rohan. Brilliant. Thank you. Elaine and Rowan. Sorry about that. A cup of tea? Brilliant! Come around and lift a heavy thing. Hope their backs are all right!

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