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Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast - Season 1

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Vote buddleia - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 20

Gardening Podcast Buddleia - Vote buddleia. In this gardening podcast, Penny sets the world to rights while planting a buddleia. Buddleia are great for attracting butterflies and insects to your garden.


Vote Buddleia - My Garden Podcast transcript

Right there we go water in a hole, that's the theme of tonight's podcast. I say tonight because it's rather late in the middle of August. I've come out having not really connected with the garden in the last couple of weeks.

Two things are going on here it's high summer and there ain't much more to do, other than just sprinkle your fairy dust around, which is deadheading and general wafting around in the garden enjoying it. Secondly, I've just been a bit kind of grumpy really. Life oppressed, I've got poorly parents in hospital and all sorts going on.

I took myself off to the nursery and bought a buddleia

So, I took myself off because I know it's good for me. I took myself off to the nursery and bought what I've been thinking about all summer. I was really pleased it was in stock and it's a buddleia and it's not just any buddleia, it's a buddleia that is darker than most.

Now, it's been 32 degrees 33 degrees all day it's only just beginning to cool off a bit. There's no movement there's no breeze and there is a thunderous sky around us and an occasional flash of lightning and the occasional roll of thunder. 

I'm kind of hanging on for when I can get wet in the rain to cool off a bit and then run in and go "oh it's raining feel much cooler." Then we can talk about how it's cooled weather down.

Okay nurturing the garden is what makes you happy isn't it?

So let's get some fish blood and bone into the ground before the rain comes. It says two handfuls, I've got quite small hands so who knows!

If you're in a hot country you're probably thinking 33 degrees Isn't that challenging really... So I keep interrupting myself with my thoughts so you know what else has made me angry? The world. I was thinking, you know, what if these leaders around the world were gardeners, maybe they'd feel a little bit more nurturing towards their people.

They wouldn't let their people have so many problems, explosions, and pandemics affecting too many people and all that kind of stuff. Think about that next time you're voting for somebody, ask them are they, gardeners?

Now I don't mean do they have gardens or do they have a gardener, I mean do they get the hands in the soil and watch their stuff grow? Because that is caring, and that's nurturing, and that's loving. And you can't be an idiot or egotistical or selfish or power-hungry when you nurture other things outside of yourself.

Okay, so the buddleia is looking nice!

I particularly like it because it's next to the purple shed and it picks up the colour nicely. I like that about colours in the garden. I'm very into colours. I like the vibrancy and I like non-matching stuff.

But every now and again you need to be conscious of the colours that draw the eye. A lot of plants in the garden are purple, that's why I painted my shed purple before I even had any plants to grow near it..... 

Need advice on growing a buddleia in your garden? 

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