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Joey, leave it!

Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast - Season 1

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Gardening podcast with dogs

Joey, leave it! - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 21

Gardening Podcast dogs - Joey, leave it!. In this gardening podcast with a dog, Penny refects on a chance meeting with a dog trainer. It's forced her to reconsider her place in the pecking order of dog ownership.

Joey, leave it! - My Garden Podcast transcript

It's a bit of a conundrum, I want to train my roses across the ornamental fence. It acts as backing to the seating area.
I'm just gonna pop it back up there see if it grows along nicely. It's been doing ever so well.

Oh, and I've got this brilliant tool. I say it's a tool, everyone's got a piece of string, right? But that's not going to cut the mustard for this particular job. So I've got this brilliant item which is a coil of wire. On top of it is this cutter. A little sprung mentally cutter thing. Oh, you cut your length and you can tell, It's very pleasing.

Joey, hello, leave that, leave it.

I'm normally quite brusque with the dog, and firm but I don't want to come across a shouty person. I am a shouty person really!

So anyway he's trying to run off with a stick which I've snipped off the Rose. It's not gonna be very pleasant in your mouth.

Joey is brilliant, he's so well trained.

He knows all the commands and he's quite well trained but when it comes to being outdoors he's got selective hearing and he won't come back on the lead. Well, Eventually but not quite when you need him to.

Oh, today I was put in my place. In the pecking order of dog owners, By this woman, I met on a dog walk. So, I am out with Joey the springer spaniel, and along on along comes her with a two very impressive spaniel like, kind of colouring Dalmatian sort of size interesting dogs.

I said what kind of dogs are they? She said German pointers or something like that. They are very rare you've probably heard of them. She was right I hadn't heard of them.

Anyway, she said our dogs are all part the same family. Real gun Dogs. She said I show mine. So, she takes him to shows and she had whistles around her neck. One for each dog and a spare.

Anyway, she said works out what Joey's treat is. Is it a ball, is it a treat is it a cuddle? I went, oh no it's sticks and she rolled her eyes and said that's £2000 worth of vets bills right there.

If I was Joey out on a walk and frankly that's great, lots of sniffs and cents to follow. And then I saw what is in my nature to go after which is a bird. Then I would go after it. And then if that bird started quacking, the dog just goes crackers I'd go crackers.

Anyway, I have since purchased a whistle online on a long lead. We're gonna be watching some more training videos on how to train gun dogs to come back when they think duck chasing is far more interesting.

But yeah it was really good to meet her actually. And have a chat and find my place in the pecking order of dog ownership. I mean I'm not low down. I'm not like, I can't control my dog. It doesn't bark very much. He's quite sweet but I'm not her status!

Anyway, the rose bushes looking Rosie. I'll keep deadheading it. Yeah, it's pretty good actually. I think the secret was when it first went in, I gave it a lot of you know that blood fish bone meal stuff in the bottom. I'll keep giving it every now and again.

A bit of rose feed and deadheading it regularly. So it's all right I'm quite pleased with that. That's the thing with gardening is that you've got to nurture. You've gotta have some sort of nurturing in you that wants to just see how things do.

So I planted that a couple of years ago and I didn't expect much but I've been bowled over by it really. And it makes me want to do more grow more. So yeah, we're now in a safe zone where someone can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea in the morning without being stabbed by a rose from behind. It was a bit of jeopardy before, are we gonna have their eye out if they moved in the wrong place? Now, safe roses, safely tied back with the beautiful gizmo that I bought. Onto the next thing.

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