Gardening podcast greenhouse

Bung it in the greenhouse

Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast - Season 1

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Gardening podcast greenhouse

Bung it in the greenhouse - My Garden Podcast

Season 1: Episode 17

Gardening podcast greenhouse - Bung it in the greenhouse. Penny's new greenhouse gets its first inmate. Strawberry plants that refuse to produce fruit.


Bung it in the greenhouse - My Garden Podcast transcript

It's one of those mornings for gardeners or people who enjoy having a go in the garden, which is what I describe myself as when you wake up on Sunday morning and it's actually sunny not raining, reasonably warm, it gets you out of bed, really, with a spring in your step.

And you know what? For that couple weeks, it's been chucking it down here in the northwest of England, and that's the joy of living in the northwest of England. You never really know what you're going to get in the morning, but I'll be honest. I've been a bit down the last couple weeks about it.

I've Just been missing being in the Garden. So I've popped out for a full day. The gloves are on.

Marvellously without me having to really do much about it, my husband has put together a greenhouse, which he described as like being a jumbo Meccano set. He's done a great job, built it on concrete foundations, it's sturdy, and I've come out and I've found my strawberries are not doing what they need to do.

So I'll bring them in here. I'll bung them in the greenhouse, see what warm weather actually does for them. So, I'll give them a little helping hand, I need to check how much water they need to take in every day because they're gonna be in a warmer environment.

I'm going to give them a bit of a kick start. Product placement alert Miracle-Gro, which has been around for years and years. And it boasts that you can have jumbo plants. Jumbo veg. It's OK to use on veg.

So, I'm just doing a watering can with, you know, follow of the recipe. Three caps of brown liquid. They owe me these strawberries. Right, top up with water from the water butt.

Oh, I've really goofed that. I have to put some back. That's just like way too much. It'll be a bit like Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. You know the film where a giant rabbit is going around eating everyone's prize vegetables ahead of the show, right?

That's me not concentrating. You see, I've woken up too giddy about coming out into the garden. I appear to have left to my brain back in the house. Never mind start again.

I may have mentioned before my water butt is like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's really full. It's about to fall over and as fast as I can empty it filling watering cans, filling up buckets, storing water for the future, it keeps filling up again with the blooming weather being so rainy.

It's full again, and it's leaning back even more. It's going to have to go on a sort of hard standing.

Oh hi, Casper. Plane going over, it's all going on, is that Oh, it's a busy day no so busy, right? Oh, come on, then.

The dog's gone out for a walk with my daughter, and the cat at that point goes, I'm in there. I've got full focus from those humans. I try to butter them up for a sit down on a bit of a lap.

Now hang on. You hear that greenhouse? That's a brand new greenhouse. No dirt on the windowpanes. Sparkly like the Crystal Palace. It's really not got much in it. So it looks very spacious and tidy, and it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship, I hope.

Now, I read something on Google last night about greenhouse gardening. And it said, 10 mistakes greenhouse owners make. I've got to make sure the temperature is right inside. Rather than suck it and see.

Come on in. Flags down the middle Going to get some gravel for that bit down the sides. Trestle table options to consider. But you know what's all to play for, isn't it?

Now, these strawberries, oh hang on, I can see one. One strawberry, one strawberry isn't quite enough but I don't care. All that's delicious, right? The interesting thing or the disappointing thing about strawberries. You may remember me putting them into these lovely giant teacups style pulse to give them load space and dangling room for the...

I got my greenhouse here!

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