Are you a gardening blogger?

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Here at My Garden Podcast, we've been working hard to spread the word about our show. Just making a podcast is the simple part, sharing it with the World and trying to attract listeners is a big task in its own right. 

Does this sound familiar? Are you trying to build your audience? We can help.

Let's blog swap - do you have a gardening blog with a similar ethos to ours?

Are you a have-a-go gardening blogger who loves plants, but doesn't necessarily have all the answers? Someone who shares a love of gardening for gardening's sake?

Why not write a blog for My Garden Podcast? Put together an original post of 300+ words and a few pictures on a gardening subject of your choice. We will post it in our guest bloggers section with a URL link to your blog. In exchange, we'll write one for you to share on your site.

It's a great way to reach new people and boost your SEO. Get in touch on the email below.

See an example of a blog swap


Not a gardening blogger but love the show?

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