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Trailer: My Garden Podcast

Penny Haslam My Garden Podcast - Season 1, Trailer

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Trailer: My Garden Podcast

Trailer: My Garden Podcast - Gardening Podcast 

Season 1: Trailer

In season one of My Garden Podcast - Gardening Podcast, enjoy more than 20 episodes as have-a-go gardener Penny Haslam shares her passion for plants, gardens and gardening. A keen amateur gardener, join her as she heads outdoors to explore, learn and grow.


Trailer - My Garden Podcast transcript

Hello, I'm Penny Haslam. I'm what you might call a have-a-go gardener.

"So today we are in tomato emergency room tomato ER."

Do you need professional gardening tips and advice?

"I don't know if I can lift that because it's blocking my exit."

Do you like to know the Latin names of plants?

"The packet had a million names on it. White stuff, yellow stuff. I don't know what they are called."

Well, you are in the wrong place. This is My Garden Podcast. Join me for a whole summer of real gardening.

"Where's a towel when you need it? It's not the sort of thing you furnish a shed with is it, a towel?"

"This is the thing about the garden the watering can is always at the opposite end of where you are."

Relaxing. "Bit of wine, Saturday night that's okay."

The highs! "Look at that, it's a courgette."

And lows, "The bloody sunflower has died!"

Of getting your hands in the soil and growing stuff.

"It says to do two handfuls but I've got quite small hands so, who knows!"

Featuring special guests.

"Beep, Beep. out the way." (whoof) Joey the dog.
"Hi Joey, I love it when you are pleased to see me which is every time."

And Casper. "He's doing cats of Instagram."

And Delia.

"Oh my god!"
"There's not root!"
"Is that normal mum?"
"No that is not normal."

Join me in the actual garden.

"I'm literally on my knees in the flower bed dragging soil."

Subscribe to My Garden Podcast wherever you get your podcasts and there are more than 20 episodes ready to download now.

"It's all going to come together beautifully."

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