My Garden Podcast - Season two

My Garden Podcast - Season two. Spring is in the air and have-a-go gardener Penny Haslam is back with a brand new season of her gardening podcast. This year she'll attempt to grow spuds and tackles garden slugs. New episodes each Friday from 5th March 2021. 

My Garden Podcast  season two

Chitty Chitty Spud Spud

New! Season 2: Episode 1

My Garden Podcast season two. Penny's returns for a new season and gets to work chitting some Casablanca earlies.  That means letting them sprout to get them stated. She also prepares a new veg box with composted horse manure. It sparks childhood memories of her dad shoveling horse sh*t off the drive. This week's guest gardener is Andy Wright from the Lodge Garden in Cheshire, England. Episode page: Gardening podcast potatoes

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Springtime trim time

Season 2: Episode 2

My Garden Podcast season two. Penny tidies up a flower bed by giving her salvia bushes a trim. This week's guests are garden blogger Rebecca Schwab from New York and Hannah Powell from Essex, UK

Pyrocanthis & the cat courts controversy 

Season 2: Episode 3

My Garden Podcast season two. Penny plants a new pyrocanthis hedge and her pets get involved in a garden stand-off. This week's guest is small space gardener Gabby Woodward from London. Episode page: Gardening podcast pyrocanthis

Tears and tomatoes 

Season 2: Episode 4

After a failed crop of tomatoes last season, Penny decides to give them another go. This week's guest is gardener is Angi from Essex in the UK. 


Season 2: Episode 5

Penny's potatoes go into the ground after a call to her dad for planting advice. This week's guest gardener is Audrey from South Wales in the UK. Episode page: Gardening podcast potatoes

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Delphinium design

Season 2: Episode 6

Penny has grand plans for a growing garden bed and starts by planting out delphinium. This week's guest gardener is Shannon from New Jersey, USA.

Slug Chaos 

Season 2: Episode 7

Penny is on slug patrol with her overwintered canna plants. Her naughty dog Joey gets involved with hilarious consequences. Episode page and transcript: Gardening podcast slugs.

The daphne's dead 

Season 2: Episode 8

Penny's daphne shrub hasn't survived being moved around the garden. Things go from bad to worse as she realises she's bought the wrong plant to replace it.

My Garden Podcast  season two

What's that plant? Isn't it impressive! 

New! Season 2: Episode 9

This week Penny is in the greenhouse potting on some nicotiana. The tobacco plant with trumpet-like flowers wowed neighbours last season.

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Is that your butt?

New! Season 2: Bonus episode

Penny takes the podcast on the road to rescue a water butt!

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Shopping with Monty

Season 2: Episode 10

Wine plus watching Monty Don on TV equals online herb shopping this week for Penny. Planting herbs like Monty Don - Episode page and transcript.

My Garden Podcast - Season two

The lady at the garden centre

Season 2: Episode 11

Penny's determined to have yet another go at growing strawberries.

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Lovely cosmos

Season 2: Episode 12

Penny loves cosmos, so it's getting planted out again in a bed she's prepared with the no-dig technique. Cosmos episode page and transcript

My Garden Podcast - Season two

The secret seedlings

Season 2: Episode 13

A secret gardener has been growing seedlings in the greenhouse. Who can it be?

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Cardoon carry on

Season 2: Episode 14

Penny goes big this week with a 5-feet tall edible herb that looks like a thistle. She's planting cardoon in the corona wildflower meadow.

Rootless clematis

Season 2: Episode 15

A new clematis goes into the garden but there's an issue with its roots.

Sweet pea teepee

Season 2: Bonus episode

Penny's sweet peas are vertically challenged, and so is she!  

My Garden Podcast - Season two

I heart geraniums

Season 2: Episode 16

Penny gives her geraniums some love, they're her favourite bedding plant. 

Joy of compost

Season 2: Episode 17

Penny finally reads up on how to make great compost and admits she's been doing it all wrong.


Season 2: Episode 18

Penny's new potatoes are ready, time to pull them up.

I've watered your tomatoes

Season 2: Episode 19

Penny is in the greenhouse for some light watering.

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Snail safari

Season 2: Episode 20

Late-night antics as Penny declares war on slugs and snails.

On the veg patch

Season 2: Episode 21

In the garden this week Penny's harvesting an abundance of tasty vegetables.

The plant pot of indecision

Season 2: Episode 22

Penny's can't decide on a new home for her Japonica, so it's going in the plant pot of indecision.

My Garden Podcast - Season two

Dead clematis

Season 2: Episode 23

Penny's returned from holiday to find a clematis casualty. The lawn guy may be a culprit.

Very hungry caterpillars

Season 2: Episode 24

On Monday the very hungry caterpillars ate five sprout plants.